1. In entering the custom gallery below, you are gaining access to our third-party website;
  2. Choose your category from the menu, or choose one of the pictured categories;
  3. Select the jewelry you want to customize for purchase;
  4. If an item with stones has a drop down box and it states "Set" or "Semi-set," and you desire to choose your own stones, in the drop down box click on "Unset."
  5. Select your precious metal/metal color;
  6. Scroll down to, and select, "Set Stones."  If there is melee (small accent stones), select each set of stones, and after selecting melee stones, select the large stone; after selecting each set of stones, you will need to select "Set."  If you would like to view the larger diamonds, after you have selected "Set," while still in that box, you will see an Item No. within the description that is highlighted.  Select that highlighted box, and that will take you to the picture of your diamond or gemstone, many times magnified to show the inclusion (most inclusions, except in I1-I3, are not visible without magnification) that are generally not visible to the naked eye.  Often times the pictures are accompanied by a magnified video of the diamond.
  7. Once you are happy with your item, place it in the "Quote" cart.  Continue to add products to your cart until you are finished shopping. To view your "Quote" cart, go to the "VIEW QUOTE" in the upper right-hand corner of the green bar. You can then "Save" the items for a later date, or if you are ready, you can submit your quote (NOTE:  You are under NO OBLIGATION to buy when you submit your quote - you pay through this site with the product page that is created for you, if you are still interested).
  8. Once we receive your quote for the items you are interested in purchasing, including customized items, we will create a product page, or pages, for each item. We will then send you an email with the product page URLs (one URL for each item). We place a lock on these pages, so you will need to log in to view the pages,  Once you are in the product page on our main website, simply place them in your shopping cart, select your payment method, and pay for these items when you are ready to check out. Precious Metal Prices change rapidly due to fluctuations in the precious metal prices, and larger diamonds and gemstones are based on availability due to rapid sales of our inventory.
  9. If you have any questions on using the website below, or if you need help in choosing products such as diamonds, please call us at 520-603-3816.


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