Red Box Diamonds® Trade-Up Program*



Accurate Grading

Every Red Box Diamond comes with a grading report from an independent lab or our team of GIA and AGS trained experts. Stuller graded diamonds are graded to GIA standards.

Unique Identifier

For proof positive identification, each Red Box Diamond is laser inscribed with the unique number on its grading report.

Free Loss Protection

Red Box Diamond comes with 1-year complimentary insurance through GemShield®. The coverage offers immediate protection against loss, theft, or damage.

Trade Up Program

  • You will receive full credit for your Red Box Diamond* when you trade it up for a higher priced Red Box Diamond* in our active inventory.  

  • Email or call us with your intent to upgrade.

  • Return your diamond with all documentation, including your receipt,  to us at:

    CLD Designs, LLC
    Attn:  Chris Behrens
    5275 N Ridge Spring Pl
    Tucson, AZ 85749 

  • Choose your new Red Box Diamond, and your new setting if you desire to have the diamond reset by us.

  • You will be credited for the amount originally paid for your Red Box Diamond* after it has been inspected, and you will be charged for the amount above and beyond that which you originally paid.

  • The new jewelry piece with the new Red Box Diamond* mounted in your new setting, and your old setting, if applicable, will be sent to you with your new certifications.

 * The Red Box Trade-Up Program is provided by Stuller, Inc., our diamond provider.  



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